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Adhesive Templates, Inc.


"Adhesive Templates sticks it to high cost auto repairs!"


Adhesive Templates has developed a new patented process that will save tens of millions of dollars in automotive repair cost for consumers, insurance providers and repair facilities by allowing for the re-use rather than replacement of vehicle nameplates and logos.

Adhesive Templates' patented process creates a precise laser cutout adhesive that will allow original, undamaged nameplates and logos to be re-adhered to repaired vehicles. With this process, automotive repair facilities will be able to eliminate the expensive and wasteful practice of purchasing new nameplates and logos to replace undamaged ones that are currently scrapped. Adhesive Templates is your green solution to saving significant dollars while protecting the environment.

The Adhesive Templates solution is to retain undamaged nameplates and logos that are removed from the damaged vehicles for reuse. The repair facilities remove the original adhesive from the back of the name plates and logos using an easy and safe Franmar Chemical solution. A new precise adhesive cutout is created using engineered laser equipment that will match the undamaged nameplates and logos that are being re-adhered to the repaired vehicle. Adhesive Templates has worked closely with 3M personnel to identify the appropriate adhesive to match or exceed OEM specifications. The vehicle is perfectly repaired at a fraction of the cost with minimum waste.

Adhesive Templates customers will be able to access our robust and comprehensive data base to search vehicle parts by, year, make, model and style. From there, the customer will select the appropriate logo and or name plate adhesive that is needed. All parts are created and shipped within 24 hours of receipt of order. In addition to the adhesive cutouts, Adhesive Templates stocks and ships the supplies needed to complete the process. These include Franmar's Blue Bear 280AH (BEAN⋅e⋅doo®) and 3M adhesive promoters.

Adhesive Templates US patent. U.S. Prov. Pat. App. Serial No. 61/585,629 entitled "Automotive Emblem Assembly and Method."

Adhesive Templates Canada is headquartered at Box 50 Grp 525 RR5, 2262 Springfield RD, Winnipeg Manitoba  R2C 2Z2


* If you don't see your vehicle trim emblems listed in our database, please send us an email describing your vehicle's year, make & model and we will do our best to get you back on the road in style!